A Return

And thus I return to the warm glow of the internet.

Got a phone call on Tuesday that I was needed in Auckland on that day as opposed to the late evening Wednesday as originally planned and thus, moving with lightning speed to organise my stuff and things in my absence, I shot up to a swanky hotel room with my computer in tow and got nice and drunk.

Unfortunately I was kept nicely busy working, but also had very limited internet access and no time to catch up with friends as originally planned. Also wanted to finally watch Sunshine while up there, but everytime, there was something else that needed to be done.

The show itself went really well and it was a little tense at first during the pack in where it seemed like everyone was going mental and at their breaking points and there was very little sleep to be gotten at 2 o’clock in the morning the night before, with a 6am wake up call time in the morning, but everything pulled itself through on the day and there was much less stress during the show from what I observed and a very well rewarded beer at the end.

And it’s all good as I’ll be getting quite a nice paycheck from it, and the mad rush back this morning got me home just in time to tutor another class, which turned out pretty cool. It was hot and indoors and stuff in the classroom, so we went outside instead to learn and plan their short films which are starting to shape up better as things have been a little disorganised over the past few weeks for them.

But onto getting some rest now as I’m working the late shifts this weekend and I’ve still got a few emails to send out, overdue stuff to mark and some sleep to be gotten.

Come Monday I’m looking forward to a little bit of time off, though not much really. Got to supervise some shoots and make sure students aren’t doing too much of what we used to do back then and I’m also very privilaged to tinker around at Wintec and demonstrate and play with their new High Definition camera, which ironically, is exactly the same one I was pushing to get for the Pictures of You set, which by the way, is still being edited, with some rather dramatic cuts being made and all going well.

Right, onto more work before work. Shall post silly stuff soon.