Strung Out

Been so busy for the last few days, I’ve been ignoring calls and messages and locking myself away from society getting work done. Actually, it’s not really that dramatic, but I have definitely been busy and this week looks to be a lot worse. Video for the event I’m gonna be at on Thursday is almost done, or at least done enough to be satisfied with. I’ve got to head up to Auckland probably tomorrow night as the organisers want me on hand earlier than planned, which means I’ll probably have to skip out on teaching a few classes and juggling a few shifts at work this week. I should be back Friday for at least one class and to work the graveyard shifts at the video store. Hopefully about that time wheels will finally go into motion for the 48 hour, which has been in a kind of stasis at the moment considering my hectic lifestyle. But that should work itself out, and I’m feeling pretty confident that our group is going to fare quite well in the competition. Also been slowly planning at least one short film to DP on, which I’m looking forward to. Another film maker guy is considering me to do his one as well, which makes things very interesting for me to be looked out for like that. Anyway, I’m so freaking tired, I’ll have to wake up in about three hours to get the rest of my week sorted out so this has been a rather random jotting down of points that are just coming into my head as I type them and I know that there is a hundred other things that I’ve totally neglected to mention here, but that should all, fingers crossed, be covered in another post sometime. Oh and just a note to those that have been trying to contact me, yeah, I’ll be getting back to you soon.

Ah yes and Bel, if your reading this… you meeting Brian K Vaughan… I hate you.