To Tired To Think Of A Title

Bit of a good day today… Yesterday was just an absolute shit of a day were I was working at the video store and like some magical spark plug, just the right combination of customers put me in a really dark mood for the rest of the day. And it was only midday at that point. But today… today was absolute sunshine in comparison, and pretty sunny too. Actually, speaking of which, I meant to go see Sunshine on that Wednesday night, but it turns out the damn thing has already done its Hamilton run, that was a real downer for the rest of that crappy day, but yeah. Today. Good.

New rotation of students in VP1 and this time they were actually enthusiastic about film making, engaged in learning about some editing and responsive to discussions, which is just great and actually gave me a little hope for the future.

There were also some surreal moments seeing old friends around uni again. Craziest was (and Tanya you’ll dig this) seeing Kelly Williams at the grind cafe. She took off into the blue somewhere down south and wasn’t actually gone for long and came back. She’s just started managing the grind, so mucho coffee drinking shall be had there now.

And then talking to a friend in the carpark, I get a phone call from a Marie where, at first I thought it was a Marie that was giving me instructions on my filming job for next week, but instead talked about clients and deals and what nots to be done in Dunedin and Christchurch and stuff and it took me ages to click that this Marie has got the wrong number. And after much awkward silences and uh-huhs just trying to figure out how to break this to her, its like, we both just stop and go ‘hang on… who is this?’. Turns out it was a different Marie, but one I knew and she’d gotten mixed up and stuff, but we had a lovely catch up and all and it turns out she may have some video work for me soon. Which I’m just a whore for at the moment and loving it.

Even work was good and had some really nice customers and even the more annoying ones just didn’t seem to get to me. I have no idea why this was happening the whole day, but it was like nothing was really getting me down and I’m all about being down. And awesome.

Anyway, finished work late tonight and have picked up a class to take in the morning so sleep I must soon. Also realised a distinct lack of links and videos being posted recently, but that can wait til the next one.