Free Typing Post

Its four in the afternoon and I’m waiting to rush out the door to get to Auckland tonight for a South Seas screening. A producer to my right is talking on the phone trying to find me a lapel mic. Amusingly, I’m just bored and typing this to pass the time as he talks from one person to person trying to organise one for me and I’m just writing this as a brain waster. Oh excellent he’s now found one for me and it’s gonna be a bit of a run around to get one out of hours and a whole city away. Tomorrow morning will be some crazy run around the city filming which I’m looking forward to and tonight shall be much drinking and catching up with people post film school. Right, he’s just about finished talking so I’m gonna log off in a moment. Man, I’m tired. Gonna get my drink on. Oh great, he’s talking on the phone to another person. Always on the phone like a producer. I’ve so gotta get going now. It’s ten past and I’m really hating this haircut I got last week. Stupid hair cut. I said a trim and keep the length and right now its really really short and not as cool. Stupid hair.