An Overdue Post

Since the last post I shot off to Te Aroha to check out/hang out/help out on Marama’s new film being shot with a whole bunch of kids with a very sexy camera. It was a fun random spur of the moment action and more so when I woke up in the morning in an old country style hotel room in a sleepy quiet town and Tanya knocking on the door outside slowly saying coffee. It was so Twin Peaks I loved it. Good fun hanging out on their film too. Though location shooting and tracking so much equipment and props and stuff over a 10 minute reserve walk wasn’t as much fun.

But then, the next day, it was a shoot off to Auckland where there was much hanging out with old friends and drinking and talks, till Tuesday where I was privy to watch/film a rehearsal session of this upcoming singer/songwriter artist named Gin. Totally cool fun just to watch a whole bunch of really talented musicians in a garage playing and occasionally improvising music to her songs and just sitting there in total awe of how brilliant and precise they are with their craft. They recorded songs for the EP later on this week and if they are even anything like what I heard in that tiny garage, it’ll be a great listen. Something to look forward to.

Oh and then the night was topped off by going to finally see Pan’s Labyrinth, which totally kicked arse and is now one of my all time favourites, and even blowing nearly all other favourites of last year away. Watch it. Everyone.

Wednesday was also most amusing when I visited some friends working at ALT TV and suddenly found myself standing in front of the camera on this really weird show with this insane, uber femme Asian guy whom I couldn’t understand a word he was saying and had to role-play as a director film-maker guy and him being some girl wanting the lead role and totally acting up the femme persona to get it. Totally weird and random. Felt like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, except for the giggles and laughter I think I could hear coming from my friends in the studio booth.

And then the night was topped off with being at a New Zealand on Air conference thingee, where there were lots of high-ups and producers and suits and stuff, plus free food and free booze which I took full advantage of. Got to rub some shoulders when I wasn’t stuffing my face, but didn’t really try much. Cool people though. I could really get into that scene of eating free food and drinking wine and talking a lot of shit for a living.

Meanwhile, plans for the 48 hour film competition is getting underway. Soon enough my dream team is gonna be assembled for it and we are so gonna win. By skills of course, not because I rigged everyone else’s toilet seats to explode.

And since coming back, haven’t been up to much. Long post again. Here is an amusing self defence video.