Licking Your Greasy Spoon

Weekend of drinking began Friday with going away drinks from Maree from work. Funny to get on the piss at your boss’ house, but yeah. That went on for a bit before hitting the Cock and Bull bar and filming a band playing there. I dunno why, but I was there, filming, helping and stuff for some amateur video being put together which is cool, cause I got to play with camera and get pretty, pretty shots. Problem was I was so focused on getting the pretty shots, I failed to realise I spent a good portion of the night standing in front of a very large speaker and it wasn’t until after the show and more importantly, the next day, I discovered I’d temporarily lost quite a bit of hearing in my right ear.

So then Saturday was spent not doing much, hungover and eventually there was more drinking to be had at a friend’s place which was on the other side of town from where I live, which isn’t a problem, except we suddenly took a cab, ditching my car to the other side of town, which was just a few blocks from where I live, original drinking people took off from there and I was left with a new crowd of drinkers, but by then I was pretty sober and feeling the need for more. So I decided to go with my original plan to go to Auckland for the night to party it up there, but at this point, my car was on the other side of the city and people there were having too much fun to give me a lift.

Eventually I did get across town to my car, drove all the way back to my house and by the time I was on the highway, just past Huntly, I get word that the party was dispersing pretty rapidly and my presence there would almost be absurdly unnecessary. Note that this is about 1:30 in the morning.

So I about faced and met up with some people in town, but that was dying down too, so finally I get home to watch a movie (“The Jacket”) to much disappointment and eventual sleep.

Now I’m doing another spur of the moment thing and going to Te Aroha for the night to help out on a film and then it’ll be Auckland tomorrow night to film recording studio stuff. Fun times.