You Are The Circus, I Am The Freak

Finally caught 300 and The Illusionist last night and they were most awesome. 300 was just so cool and full of gusto in its action and style, I wet myself many times in delight watching it. And The Illusionist so brilliantly captured an atmosphere and mystery of the period. Both highly recommended to all to go see.

It was originally planned to spend the whole day at the movies, but Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t on yet due to not enough prints nationwide (which sucks) and missed out on the time for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which would have been some plain good fun.

I amusingly got related to a story of how someone met me at uni during a marketing the arts class, where during a break in a lecture, I stumbled into the room drunk off my nut on red wine, declared myself so, had a cigarette with some others and then skipped out on the rest of the class to go drink some more. This apparently fact. I don’t even remember this.