Dark Places

Have spent the last two days in a semi state of exhausted no sleep, with a little pick me up of alcohol.

Sunday was the worst, I was barely anywhere and was like a walking zombie from the lack of sleep. Made worse by the fact that it was Easter and all the liquor stores were closed. Drove me nuts all day, until I unearthed some hidden booze late at night and all was well in the cosmos.

Today wasn’t so different. Must have still been tired and it very much resembled a Dead Chris Day, causing me to miss out on some wakeboarding. But there was poker and there was a good amount of drinking instead. Yayness.

Malcolm flew off for Germany today. The bastard. Hope to hear from him soon and must make a note to work on my jedi mind tricks in the meantime so I can convince him better to stick around next time, if there is one.

And the other night, I started writing a new feature film which will be quite interesting, as I’ve never thought of stories in the dimensions of feature length before. The idea of this one has been gestating around in my head for at least six months or more and it’s a sorta/kinda ensemble of stories and stuff. The basis of its is party aspects of myself (though not fucking literally, as those introspective semi-autobiographical stories are usually boring self indulgent wank fests) and the idea is to create a view of the world that closely resembles the way I see things. It’s based mostly on people and situations I know and have seen and it has all the intentions of being made by those people, but we’ll see really… It’ll probably fall flat on its arse and never properly see the light of day, but at least I can get onto thinking up other stuff for a change.