Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into the Water, Triumph of

Found myself constantly thirsty and drinking large quantities of liquids today. And it wasn’t really the heat or anything, I just felt the need to drink rehydrate myself all the time and one after the other it wouldn’t stop. Totally strange and I blame the mustache for it. This bastard has got to go sometime, but at the same time I am drawn to its magical healing abilities and wonder if I should keep it or not. Then again, it would also make it easier on the totally-not-imaginary girls that keep throwing themselves at me. I rule.

But shot off a bit more of Spit-Takes today and have Sunday penciled in to shoot some of the actual more important scenes of the film. Total progress on Spit-Takes so far… about 6% filmed. Estimated after Sunday… 80%

Also filming a benefit function tomorrow evening and is currently in brainstorming mode over making some TV ads for the local Auter House video store… Which, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned here or not, but if you live in Hamilton and you like good decent films, go there for all your good shit rental needs. Their selection is awesome and they even rent Criterion copies and everyone knows Criterions make me wet my pants in orgasmic delight.

Plus, from Tanya’s site, is a really awesome write up on her thats on the New Zealand Herald site that you will read here. I’m not sure if it was in the papers as well (most likely) but its totally awesome, even if its about myspace the Tanya factor negates the -3 effect of myspace… which reminds me I have to check my profile again… Right after I gather more offerings for the magical healing Jebus mustache.