Gongxi Facai

A happy Chinese New year to all. I’ve been watching and catching up on movies all day. Video store love baby. Video store love.

In a quick swoop… Borat is funny, Slither is fun, Jarhead is great and everyone should watch Me and You and Everyone We Know cause if you do, your cool. It’s science.

From Daisy, this is the Brick Testament… which is just great fun to browse through and read. Plus its illustrated with lego and anything with lego is 150% cooler. Even the Bible.

Also something I want to do myself, are photos taken at just the right time to make it look like people are floating in mid-air. 200% cooler, even without the lego found here.

And finally, the latest (and wishfully not the last) Grindhouse trailer is out. Downloadable straight from here.