Stragglers and Water

So Valentine’s Day turned out to be pretty amusing…

Another day off, getting appropriately bored at home, I took off to town to hang about and possibly buy more chips for my recently re-emerged poker habit (w00t gambling!). There, I seemed to bump into my largest count of people to be bumped into in town. Cause usually, there are a lot of people I run into when I go anywhere (being Hamilton) and it’ll be a random ‘hello, whats up?’, but there were at least double the usual amount today. ‘Singles stragglers’ one person said, ‘being at home is too much of a singles thing to do on Valentines Day”. Dunno if he’s onto something or not there.

And not long after that, I caught up with Skott and others and we went to Karapiro to wakeboard where I sucked balls and water and spent a good portion of my time trying to subtly get a game of poker going when we got back. But it was a beautiful evening on the lake. Water was perfectly calm and surprisingly warm. The only drawback was near the end of the day, casting off for one of the last rides, the boat suddenly stopped accelerating and on closer inspection, the propellor had actually fallen off. Got really dark quickly as we were searching for it too and will just have to leave it til another day or two to try and find it if it’s still there.

Hope y’all had a nice/crappy Valentine’s. Mine was a nice relaxing one before I’d have to start work again tomorrow. Though pity we didn’t play poker afterwards.