Movies rule

Watched Babel tonight. Good, but not great. Very well made and a lot of fantastic stuff going on… The acting was amazing, the camera work, the editing, the direction… it was all great. But the film just felt so bleak and isolated and although that was the point and a recurring theme of the film (which had a lot of great subtle political critisms in it too), it just felt a bit too much. Too obviously going for the critic pleasing audience and expecting awards and stuff. And it totally deserves it too, though I can see where the division of people can be on it. Still recommended viewing to all.

Next up will probably be Stranger Than Fiction, though I’m really tempted to see The Last King of Scotland next as well and have yet to catch up on Blood Diamond, which I still really want to see… decisions, decisions… there are just too many good films on right now for me to watch all of them. Typical awards season. Love it.