A slightly new and hardly noticeable update of this site’s design…

Added a slightly different layout to most other pages around and changed some of the fonts, as I discovered the one I used previously isn’t usual part of most windows or mac font packs and this one is as close to how I originally had it. Also note there now a total of about 50 header images up for your viewing/refreshing pleasure.

Film subsections are going to be the next upload and hopefully, finally, new artworks after that.

Currently reading Neil Gaiman’s collection of short stories Fragile Things which is really, really good and should be read by anyone and everyone.

Also, one must check out the latest Hot Fuzz trailer, cut alongside Robert Roderiguez, it’s great and can be viewed here or just download it here.

And links from Robbie, this is the coolest greatest music video to have come out for a long time, if not ever. Download it!

And awesome midi music remixes to be heard here.