Pictures of You – Day 28 blog

Just a tad overdue this brief post… but almost all the scenes for Pictures of You have been shot. Just one hospital scene to get out of the way next weekend, some pickups of cutaways and computer screens and a few aerial shots to do and my job should hopefully be done really soon.

To pick up some quick, much needed money, I’ve also started up my old job at the video store again. And the awesome part of it is I’ll be on my old rate again, which was pretty damn good for a video store.

For the most of today, I’ve been slogging away behind the desk, updating and revising the website oh so slightly. You probably won’t be seeing any changes til tomorrow or Tuesday as there are still a lot of things to be tested and such before uploading, but at least there will be 30 new header images up in the morning… yay.