Dead Chris Weekend

Spent the most of Saturday lying in bed, trying not to think about wanting to film stuff and just trying to enjoy the fact that its a day off. Then I realised that I’ve actually got nearly a week off and that started to get to me.

So finally, I’m back in contact with Sash and got Ross to come around too and it’s decided we’ll be starting on a new short film, yet to be titled, but it’ll be an action short and hopefully… funny.

Sash is actually going away for the next week and Ross will be away for the week after that. But we wanna do it, we like it and it’ll be done, just a matter of how, considering our different schedules and my personal conflict of what I’m really gonna be doing after Pictures of You is properly wrapped, which will be very soon actually.

In the meantime, I’ve been also planning on finishing up ‘Spit Takes‘ which did start filming last year, but due to a severe lack of people available at the time, never got completed. But there are more people available down here at the moment, so that’ll also probably get done whilst Ross and Sash are away.

Didn’t get any ‘2nd unit’ shoot stuff done, nor have I bothered to get any more screen caps made. But that’ll be done sometime later in the next few days. Waking up today, I actually got into the groove of enjoying a weekend off and really, properly stayed in bed for the most of the day watching the rest of Green Wing and such. Great stuff. I’m in love with Sue White.