Pictures of You – Day 26 blog

Raglan day today.

Spent today shooting in and around Raglan. Plot heavy stuff, but it was awesome to finally use a tripod for the first time this shoot in a totally wrong way, hanging out of the back of a car again to shoot moving car shots and filming an entire scene during magic hour on a cliff edge area with a fantastic sunset/cloud setting.

Taken off with the tapes again to get some screen captures for this blog, but they probably won’t be up till tomorrow evening as I’m actually pretty tired from today’s activities and much sleeping and hopefully, sleeping in is needed.

Today is actually one of the last days of shoot. I’ll be spending some of this weekend alone to shoot some cutaway shots we’ve missed or left till later to shoot. And our next proper day isn’t till Friday evening for some pick-ups and a couple of other scenes to be shot next weekend. So pretty soon, principal photography is going to end for this film. And I’ll be having nothing to do.

Contemplating writing a short film to possibly make this week. Playing with the idea of making something to put at the start of the film, kinda like those cartoons they’d have at the start of old movies. Normally I’d be too lazy to do such a thing, but the energy from this film being so independant, and the ammount of tweaking I’ve worked and have control over our camera and lights now, I just can’t stop and I won’t be stopped. It’s awesome.