Pictures of You – Day 23 blog

Long freakin’ day today.

Started at 9, shooting a scene at the museum which was fun, although we went a little overtime, which would have been okay, but I had an appointment to run off to, which didn’t go overtime, but by the time I was done, I had to run off to the next location to set up for a bar/band scene, which looked great, but at this point, I was running on no food, heat exhaustion and a headache the size of a walnut… made of cyanide.

Managed to finish just at midnight, though we had to scrap a couple of shots planned for magic hour cause we didn’t want to lose the small amount of extras we had at the time. Why is it so hard to find extras sometimes? Ah well.

Also got to finally do a cameo in the film… playing a drunk patron, dragged out on his arse by security. Even got to fire off a string of profane one liners for the role. Described as Will Farrel and Kevin Smith gone wrong, I shot off lines along the lines of “aw… hairy sweaty balls on your chin” and “goddamn shit in your cereal”… awesome.

Also got some interesting good news regarding the film commission, though I probably can’t say much about it and I won’t. Though it does bear potentialness for awesomeness.

But by the end of the day, ie now, I’m feeling like crap and not really looking forward to tomorrow. So not feeling it this week I think.

Still not fully connected to blog yet, though website is back online, I can’t connect to it due to a password change malfunction and you probably won’t be reading this anytime until some time since posting like so many previous posts as well. But heres a funny music video classic none-the-less…