Pictures of You – Day 16/17 blog

Quick post as computer decided to suddenly throw a hissy fit at me and totally freeze, thus losing all my blogger work and images I was screen grabbing for this post.

So instead, I’m going to go finally see the Prestige and be able to say “damn, that was a great film y’all!”

Oh, didn’t do a day 16 post yesterday as I simply came home, tried to do some fine cutting/onlining of the showreel, but instead collapsed in an exhausted heap and slept all night and morning. But we had a relatively short day today and boldy shot a one shot scene, which will hopefully go well when put together, but who knows. Anyway, the showreel is almost fully finished, with edits and colours awaiting full approval before I can upload it and/or mail off DVD copies to the lucky few of you.

Right, off to the movies I go. Been a long time since I’ve actually been to one.