Pictures of You – Day 15 blog

Good day. Good confusing day for everyone involved. Can’t divulge details, but lets just say, it was the most amusingly confusing day for many today.

Also shot a scene set in a hospital. And I think there was a bit too much of an influence from watching Green Wing recently. I think there were more silly takes of this deranged Asian doctor running around in the background, doing silly dances and waving a shotgun around the place, than there were of actual proper takes. Hopefully, some good stuff for the bloopers.

Anyway, because we were so efficiently confusingly quick today. Tomorrow is a day off and rather than being another Dead Chris Day, it’s an Editing Chris Day! Because Monday, we’re scheduled to have a ‘media day’, so I’ve taken on the task of cutting the footage together into a showreel to show the press.

Can I do it in one day? With a hangover? Only time will tell…