Dead Chris Day 2

Woke up this morning with absolutely nothing to do. No filming. No work. Nothing. Just me, bored. Coffee, Green Wing and a lot of nothing much else.

So been trying to keep the energy levels up for tomorrow. More crowd coverage to prepare for and a little mischief on top of that. Stole some footage from Director Ben this afternoon and have been picking out certain shots and setups that I still like as screen caps.

Unfortunately, quite a bit of them are a tad plot spoilers, while others, though pretty, work better as moving shots as opposed to static stills, so I’ve had to restrain myself a bit in picking images, but here are some of the best of the rest of what I hove shot thats quite, quite satisfying. Some have been subjected to a little photoshop, just to enhance certain colours that didn’t initally come through, but overall, I’m quite happy with these in terms of composition and lighting and pretty.

I think my eyes are watering again and I need some rest. So here are pretty images. Let me know what you think, there’s still an arseload more that want to be uploaded and beg to be uploaded, but the powers of effort and criticism still hold them back.