Pictures of You – Day 12 blog

Good day.

Reshot a scene from yesterday we had to abandon due to sound issues and losing light and just blitzed through it this time. Weather was absolutely perfect this morning to have that overcast winter look. And while we had that light, we shot at another location down the road for another scene. Shot another in the middle of town with lots of nice coverage. Shot another scene in a bar on the other end of town. And then shot one more setup for an earlier scene, because an actress was unavailable at the time we were there… but did we match the lighting? You betcha.

But with all these external shoots going on, next time I look at someones script, it’s gonna be counted up the ratio of interior to exterior shoots… actually, I just realised that interiors can drive me insane figuring out how to light… to hell with it. Next script, one room, two people, talking heads the whole film.