Pictures of You – Day 11 blog

This is just a hast post as my computer which has been suffering a few upgrades recently, has decided to spit something out and not start up again. Very annoying as I want to get somemore editing done after today’s shoot.

Good start in the morning. Everything, actors, camera work and so on where all good and ready to go. Every blocked and rehearsed shot went without a hitch… Except for the bloody weather that had us standing around half the time, staring at the sun, wondering whether ‘that next cloud’ is going to actually go over or not. I swear, there was this one cloud that actually stopped and reversed backwards, just to piss us off.

Afternoon and finally, we’re eating something not bloody sandwiches for lunch… pasta! Stuffed, full and onto more filming, which being in a public place, got regularly interrupted by public foot traffic, ambient noises, children, cars backfiring, airplanes, helicopters, speedboats and rowers.

Now, I love the whole indie, low budget approach to filmmaking. It’s just more fun that way. But sometimes, like today, I really would like to be on one with a much bigger, more anti-anything-that-can-concievabley-come-in-and-screw-up-this-production budget.