Pictures of You – Day 10 blog

Great weather today. Gets a happy lighting director’s score of zero. Shooting an exterior for winter, during the summer. Waiting for overcast clouds to diffuse out the sun and get this really nice cold look on screen, instead we had to force ourselves to shoot it more stark and with the hard shadows that stupid Mr Sunbeam makes.

Also got burnt some more, sweated like a pony, started getting dizzy, drank water till I felt like puking and all around felt like crap. But we’re hopeful we got some nice shots. Unfortunately, not enough people turned up as extras today, so it’ll be interesting to see how few fit that all in.

Afterwards we eventually stumbled our waywards home to writer Scott’s house. Drank. And eventually started making silly little short films just to entertain ourselves. Will upload tomorrow. Just realising that there won’t be any space for them here yet.

In other interesting stuff, Harlan Ellison does a reading of a short story here and under Prince Myshkin and does a helluva reading indeed.