Pictures of You – Day 9 blog

Got to the location on time, just not the right part of the location. And stood around wondering where the hell everyone was. Got a little of that on tape. Still yet to finish capturing all of the footage.

But I totally did it, running around, up and down a rugby field, shooting a game and getting totally owned by the sun. Still got some very nice shots, though I left off the color grading for today, so that there are maximum possibilities to tweak them in post. Meanwhile, I’m sunburnt, depressed and totally tired. But that can mostly be resolved with a venture down to the S&M reunion shindig. Going on now as I type, I’ll make my way round there later on party and drink it up some. Also, Sohl bar closes down tonight and us faithful patrons are sending it off with a bang with drinks, drinks and more drinks.

I’d type and elaborate more, but I’m tired and need booze. Early start tomorrow as well.