Pictures of You – Day 8/Dead Chris Day 1

Filming was a little intense yesterday. Lots of getting great shots in a really small room with 2000ks of lights heating the whole room up to a sauna level. But once again, got some nicely composed shots and some sexcellent lighting going on.

To celebrate, some of us got properly drunk afterwards. I crashed out on the couch. Woke up this morning with a +3 lvl hangover and proceeded to go to the hospital to drop something off to my mum and ended up lost and confused in the car park and just felt like absolute crap.

Now home and rested. I’m about to head out into the rain and recce the rugby fields for this weekends shoot. After that, hopefully I can get a relaxation going on and just blob out. Been a fun ride so far making this film, but today is a day of much needed rest.

Will post later tonight with the first video blog and hopefully some newspaper scans.