Pictures of You – Day 7 blog

Shot in three locations today… Continuation of yesterdays shoot on the street, exterior shoot at the polytech grounds and finally a night shoot at Victoria Cinemas.

The continuation shoot drove me nuts in hoping the lighting was consistent with yesterdays whilst shooting crouched down in the front seat of a car, staring up at an upsidedown LCD screen also while operation sound equipment to shoot a bit of dialogue in the back.

The exterior shoot drove me equally mad with one particular camera set up that just refused to work, constantly changing lighting and weather that couldn’t figure out if it wanted to be sunny or a watering down whore.

So then after all that was done, I got myself properly drunk at the bar down the road from the next location and when it came to shooting… bang, bang, shots were down, just like that. Fantastic colours, minimal camera screw ups and lots of pretty coverage.

What a bitch.