Pictures of You – Day 6 blog

Beginning to lose track of days. Had to check up on previous posts to make sure I’ve got the right numbered day to post about.

Today, although it was a relatively short day and we started at 2 o’clock, was so far the day that took the most effort to do for me. Nothing tricky in terms of work or camera work required, just mentally and physically I felt quite drained. Strange to say, but I think if we had started at our ‘usual’ seven in the morning, despite having shot for 16 hours the night before, I would have been more prepared to shoot for the day as opposed to having plenty of rest and going off to set in the afternoon.

Ah well, tomorrow we move location, three locations actually and start at nine in the morning.

Also a reminder to anyone that this weekend is a get together reunion piss up for us Waikato Screen and Media bums. Sam Brown’s pad, Saturday night.

Oh and we’ll be needing extras this weekend at Frazer Tech grounds to play as a crowd watching a High School rugby game. More details to come in the following days.