Pictures of You – Day 5 blog

Holy baJebus! A sixteen hour day, the equivilant of twenty-something cups of coffee, half a bottle of vodka, one fall from a tree, one pair of broken glasses and one press photo op…

It’s been a helluva day, but totally worth it. Once again, the shots just keep getting prettier and prettier and a big eeeeh! to Daisy for providing us with 50 fandangly totally awesome sets of gels to make the lighting even prettier. It’s totally all about the pretty.

Other than that, not much else to report. I’m so freakin tired now, it’s such a relief we’ve only got a 2 o’clock start tomorrow afternoon.

And to deviate from the usual film production post, here are some photos from a really cool, but surreally creepy art sculpture exhibition where mythical giants have been posed and frozen for your freaky amusement here.