Pictures of You – Day 4 blog

Afternoon/Night shoot went slightly overtime and involved a scene where the lighting changed so dramatically by the end of the last setup I felt absolutely depressed and a failure as a DOP, operator and lighting director. Though there is the optimistic thought it can be fixed in post, the shadows were just so dramatically harsher, I don’t think it can be salvaged. My votes on a reshoot when we view the rushes.

In some good news, we got some really great shots for the other scenes. I’m really beginning to feel the Christopher Doyle inspirado coming on with each set up.

Tomorrow is a day off from filming and I’ll just be reviewing footage with director Ben to make sure we’re on track with the look of what we’ve got so far and where we’re going next. Hopefully a trailer and the first video blog will be posted soon.

Till then, I’m gonna crash out real soon, even though I got more than enough sleep last night.