Pictures of You – Day 1 blog

Shooting began at 7 this morning. I was a few minutes late to set because I spent the whole night before watching the series Heroes. Comes out to NZ soon, definitely worth a watch, although I dunno how endurable it would be to watch only on a weekly basis. After saying to myself I’ll just watch the first episode and go to bed, I ended up watching six episodes back to back and only got a couple of hours sleep because of it. Worth it? I’ll let you know after I finish the last five episodes tonight.

But as for the shoot… it went surprisingly well for a production’s first day. Very few hiccups, almost all scenes bar one went by incredibly smoothly and fast and everyone is just so enthusiastic about the project it’s a nice enviroment to be around. And it better stay that way… we’ve got about 4-5 more hard pressed weeks to work together and the last time I spent that much time together with a whole bunch of people working our arses off… we created a robot monkey ninja to take over Iceland, which ended really badly… I swore never to either work my arse off with a whole bunch of people or to create robot monkey ninjas to take over Iceland ever again. Today, I shall be breaking one of those rules and tomorrow, I’ll be creating a new rule to swear to never break… Licking strangely colored rocks.

First video blog is almost ready to be put together and posted. ETA this weekend.

Oh and two video links curtosey of mein brother…

Shoe Tying Trick Which is pretty damn cool

Masochistic Tickle-Me-Elmo Which is just disturbing