Ho Hos to All

Talk about a big change… from poor flatting student with little budget for food, to total Christmas festive hog down feasts. I wasn’t feeling the Christmas cheer so much this year, but I was definitely tasting it.

Feeling very cheery too after opening my present from the fantastic mum and dad team… 22 inch widescreen LCD monitor. It’s now sitting side by side with my 19 inch and my god… dual screens makes computers look that much cooler.

Also been doing a bit of working out in preparation for Pictures of You. Got out my old bike that use to take me everywhere was a teenage wanker and now I’m an out of shape 23 year old wanker. Seriously… five minutes into riding that bastard, I was already feeling the burn. A total of 20 minutes had me really feeling like I should be crawling into a grave after a damn good shower. But I’ve definitely got to get my fitness back up to speed if I’m gonna be shooting some of the stuff in this film.