The Departed… good

Finally got to watch The Departed tonight and the word is good. Damn good. Faithful remake, great dialogue, excellent performances from everyone all around and it’s simply just good to watch a new Scorsese film. Not that many changes from the original Infernal Affairs, though the condensing of the female interests into one character seemed a little much and in terms of pacing, there were a lot of info used from the prequels and sequels that we’re a little much in comparison to how Infernal Affairs played out. But still, this is one of the best films this year and all must go to bask in the glory that is Martin Scorsese.

Although, we did get into a near one hour debate on the constant continuity errors present in the film. Half of us thought it intentional, while the rest of us right people thought the others were douchebags and weren’t experts on anything past microwaving a pie. Which I still hold a two time world champion record for.

Meanwhile, shots from David Lynch’s new flick, Inland Empire have turned up and they’re worth a gander. I have no idea whats going on in them, and I’m pretty sure that’ll be my thinking straight after watching the film, but that won’t stop me going. Check them out here.

And eyes out for a possible meteor shower extravaganza this weekend. The bulk of it will be best seen in other parts of the world, but with a little luck, there should still be enough around New Zealand to see. Up to 150 meteors per hour is predicted as Earth passes through the dust cloud of the Tempel/Tuttle comet. Details here.