Just Stuff and Links

Two more cameos down today, got two more this weekend and at least three more by the end of next week. Such a whore indeed.

Discovered a fascinating account by these two guys who spent six months sailing across the pacific and saw something absolutely incredible… The birth of an island and a sea of stones. There is a great summary/write up on it here. And their blogs of the account here and here. And photos of it all here. Great stuff.

Always fancied the thought of owning a boat one day and just sailing it out into the ocean, out of sight of any land and having nothing but an endless ocean all around you. Very Hemingway and ‘Old Man and the Sea’. But still cool.

And speaking of oceans, why not mention ones on other planets? A student has been granted NASA funding in researching the concept of mirror/sails positioned above Mars to heat up sections of it and speed up a terraforming process. The world of Sci-Fi lives! Details here.

Oh and I’m having fun with this ‘bluescreen screen saver’. Now you can scare the crap out of nerds everywhere with this screen saver that simulated the blue screen of death and even uses accurate information taken from your system configuration and stuff. Geek out here.