More Hangovers

Been a busy week and everytime I made to post something, I was too tired and couldn’t keep up the concentration. Sorry.

But yeah, was on a film shoot for friend Albert on Tuesday morning when I started suffering some massive stomach cramps and put up with it for a while, but then started getting headaches, ringing in my ears getting so loud I was temporarily deaf, cold sweats and apparently my face was all white. Crazy stuff. And it only lasted the morning after going home, throwing up and sleeping for a bit, but still scary painful stuff.

And for the rest of the week, I’ve been acting continuity on Alejandro’s shoot. Fun times and at least it was mostly in the school’s studio, so I didn’t really have to go far for it.

And last night we had a commemorative drink up celebrating the end of three shoots and some. Got properly drunk and woke up this morning, brain on the floor, stomach doing yo-yo flips. Going pro.

Other than that, don’t have anything else to report. Except for killer mutant viruses from the past coming back to life here.