Hangovers and the internet

Got properly drunk last night at the ‘A Night At The Pictures’ event, both cause there was a lot of free booze (yay sponsors Stella) and cause the auction event was a raging sucess… almost $3000 was raised from the auctions and $2000 from ticket and drink sales! Looks like Pictures of You is shaping up to have a nice budget indeed.

But yeah, drank a lot and came back to Auckland in the same night. Slept for a bit and suffered a massive hangover for the rest of the day. Actually, I’m still feeling a little under the weather, and spent most of my time finding interesting, wierd stuff on the internet.

Like, crying while eating.

And, Native American faces on Google Earth.

Re-uses of technology… totally cool.

And Ok Go on treadmills… awesomeness.