Sweet Jesus!

Been a while? Only a bit.

Finally on Holiday… and celebrated it with a heavy dose of drinking and partying and all that stuff. Spent all of yesterday recovering from it and still feeling a bit of the burn.

Lets see… since the last post, I went to a drama camp for school and spent a weekend at Port Waikato Camp. The freakiest thing was it was a camp I had gone to about 11 years ago and the whole time, I couldn’t shake this crazy sense of nostaliga.

After a couple dozen treatments, four and a half scripts and a lot of stressful indecision, I’ve
finally decided on a script to shoot for our Term 4 project. It’s still a little shaky at best, but there’s about 10 weeks away till we actually shoot so in that time I plan on getting a lot of re-writes, storyboards and other various pre-prod stuff that’s always a pain in the arse.

Apart from that, not much else has been going on. Or not much worth remembering… I think.