Aphex Twin and Windows

Being affixed to the wonders of Wikipedia, I came across a page on Aphex Twin and in particular, the Windowlicker single and discovered that the end of the second track, if played and viewed through a spectrogram, you can see the face of Aphex Twin himself. It’s a crazy image that plays for just 10 seconds, but it’s really cool. To see a sample of it, this guy’s page here has all the details.

Meanwhile, deadlines loom and pass over at school as I’ve yet to turn over a script for a short film to be made at the end of the year. It’s like the wonderful life of a real writer as people start demanding to see pages and results and you do your best to justify the delay.

Thusfar, I’ve been able to come up with a multitude of ideas and storylines and characters etc… but have yet to settle on one that I actually like and am willing to further develop. So this weekend I’m setting myself a goal to get at least one script done by Sunday, else… screw it, else nothing, I gotta write something.

Oh yeah, and a minor happy thing, Microsoft have finally released the hotfix for Windows being unable to hibernate due to “insufficient system resources exist to complete the API”. Been waiting almost a year for the bastard and you can finally download it here.