Electric Boogaloo

Goddamn school is driving me nuts. They expect you to make a 3 minute short film called “The Meeting” within the space of half an afternoon and make it about two characters in separate environments and meeting at some point… and make it good.

Actually, that wasn’t so hard, except the equipment issued out was screwed and we didn’t figure this out til an hour into the shoot and by the time we chased the problem back to school and got it fixed, there was only two hours left to shoot. And being the supreme genius that I am, I wrote a script involving multiple set ups, multiple locations and yada yada yada… and miraculously, it would have almost turned out alright. Had we not lost that one hour, we would have got the interiors shot and had a begining and an ending to the film. Instead, we got a middle filled with funky lights and dreamlike realities. Which look really cool, but pretty pointless when not put into context.

Returning to school, we were told that there will be no reshoots, it’s all the camera operators fault and although I got pretty damn pissed off for a while (haven’t been that angry in a long time actually), I’m not blaming anyone and have figured out a way to salvage the footage we’ve got.

I call it “The Meeting 2: Electric Boogaloo”