A Mouthful of Comedy

With an incredibly lazy start to the day, including the chasing of actors and actresses due to scheduling conflicts, no less than three hours of poker and a lot of noodles, we eventually got around to filming some of “Spit Takes: A Mouthful of Comedy”.

So far, we’ve shot about 20% of the film, but we’re all laughing already… only problem is that when you do a video about spitting… well… yeah, it’s messy.

Anyway, more filming will hopefully be done on it tomorrow, else I’m gonna shoot some other stuff. Just for kicks.

Oh and thanks to Dominic, I have discovered the wonderful world of Explosm.net comics. If your a fan of totally sick and twisted humor, but done tastefully well with stick figures… go check it out now. I’ve spent hours going through the wonderfully hilarious comics there and I’m sure you will too.