So… bored…

The holidays are conjealing into this one massive blob of boredom. Made worse by the fact that my car still hasn’t been fixed and I’m on this twisted mentality to constantly save my money to buy as many tickets to the upcoming international film festival next month. Lots of damn good films to see and this time, living in Auckland, I’ve got more and more to choose from.

Also, to make things interesting, I’ve entered a mini contest with some other friends from school in a ‘beard growing contest’. Born out of sheer silliness, I’m starting to feel the repurcusions of it now, as most people know, I can’t grow facial hair for shit and I’m feeling more and more like a hobo that can’t afford a razor with every passing day.

Ah well, plans are underway to shoot a short film next week, so that’ll be interesting to say the least.

Right, time for pizza and wine.