Theres a lot of finallys going on recently, so here goes.

Finally on holiday from South Seas. It’s been a busy last few weeks and lots of drinking in between. Taking a nice breather from both for three weeks… well… at least the South Seas thing.

Finally picked a website design that I’m happy with. Decided to go for simplicity rather than style. But at least I get to make use of that cool java script code that makes the banner change everytime.

Finally got a room in a flat. I basically upgraded from couch to matress, but at least I get my own room. Joe moved out, which is a real shame, but there’s no hard feeling from all as he just wanted a change and everyone seems happy to have me take up his place.

Apart from that, not a helluva lot more to say. Now that I’m on holiday, have my own room and a freaking desk to actually work off, I’ll be updating this site a little more frequently. It’s either the art gallery or photo gallery going up next, so stay tuned.