Okay… getting there. Got a slightly different design going on. Dunno if I like this just yet, but seeing as I’ve spent an arse-monkey’s amount of time refining it, I’ll at least keep it for a while yet.

Still a lot of nuts and bolts to work out and there’s still so much that needs to be transfered over to this domain and redesigned to fit into this new layout. I’m also gonna try and get the comments and archiving system to actually work sometime this week.

As for life news, here’s the jist of it since last time til now…

During my holidays I was made homeless. I found a really nice flat to move into eventually, but upon returning to school found out that there were quite a few people looking for a place to stay. Luckily, I liked a couple of those people and we decided to find a flat together. This was about four of us about four weeks ago. I decided to skip out on that really nice flat and squat at my friends’ place in the meantime. Fast forward to present day and I’m still sleeping on the couch, still looking for a house and the number of people has increased to six.

School-wise I’m making a name for myself and am proving what I’ve always known: I get bored easily. It’s a good course and they throw us a new film project every week or so, but sometimes it’s a little tedious… just a little.

Right, more history of the world to be continued next time. Also hope to get photos uploaded sometime in the next few days.